Chief Butcher, Bermuda

– Ensure that each worker follows fixed duty hours according working schedule.

– Ensure each Chef de Partie, Demi Chef de Partie and Commis understands his/her duty. This includes physical training of meat defrosting, de-boning and cutting procedures.

– Active participation in preparation duties, which should be in balance with supervisory duties.

– Ensure that yield and portion control measurements are in place as per company standard policy.

– Ensure that correct quantities are defrosted as directed by the Executive Chef. Organize that meat is correctly stored, and economically used.

– Ensure that all requisition requests are executed in a timely and safe manner so that no delays are created in the food production chain.

– Ensures that all pertinent Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) and Safety Management System (SMS) and Public Health (US/UKPH) standards are being upheld in butcher shop area.

– Assist the Provision Department during storing to verify receiving meat quantity and quality.

– Assist the Provision Department during meat issuing and ordering procedures.

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