Executive Chef, Turks & Caicos

* Maintain a positive and motivated environment for your team.

* Work with the Food and Beverage Manager to achieve a service standard acceptable to the General Manager and then work together to improve it on a daily basis.

* Ensure culinary operation of all outlets and private residences are exceeding guest expectations and meeting the expectations of the General Manager and the owner.

* Operate a working environment where safety is the priority to all team members and is never compromised.

* Ensure all legal requirements of the environmental agencies and food hygiene legislation is never compromised and comply fully with all inspectors

* Ensure that your own product knowledge of all properties and initiatives is updated and shared with the rest of the team.

* Produce an annual budget for all outlets and staff canteen including an overall food cost target agreed with the General Manager. Provide the Financial Controller, Hotel Manager and General Manager with financial reports as requested.

* Work with the Food and Beverage manager to set and achieve joint service objectives

* Operate a stock control system through the Purchasing department which is efficient, minimizes shipping costs and ensures you receive the highest quality produce in the correct time frames.

* Menu planning to take into account holiday periods, children’s special menus and special occasions in order to ensure the product surprises and delights all guests.

* Correct planning of vacation for team members in relation to business levels and public holidays.

* Commit appropriate time and resources to the development of each individual team member under your supervision.

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