General Counsel, St. Kitts & Nevis

 Responsibility for providing legal advice and services to the departments of the Bank, and the Bank in general. To protect the Bank’s legal interests and operations within the scope of the law.

Principal Accountabilities

• Advises on issues relating to the interpretation of the Banking Act and other legislation relevant to the Bank.

• Prepares contracts, deeds, and other legal documents relating to various loans and other services by the Bank to its customers.

• Reviews and revises as appropriate the forms and other documents used by the Bank.

• Assists in the conduct and management of potential or actual litigation activity internally or in collaboration with external counsel,

• Represents the Bank, and staff summoned as witnesses for activities in the ordinary course of business with respect to litigious or potentially litigious matters. holds a ‘watching’ brief as required in court matters.

• Represents the Bank in conferences, negotiations and meetings, which may have legal ramifications, and /or provides relevant information for supporting decisions in the interests of the Bank.

• Oversees the provision of corporate secretarial services for the Bank.

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