Account Manager – St. Maarten

*To provide the continuity of the information systems and networks.

* To install equipment and software on networks and to resolve problems when installing these. To ensure proper functioning of computer and peripheral equipment.

*To diagnose and resolve failures in the systems and peripheral equipment. To assess whether to involve internal or external experts. To start up and monitor backup, recovery and restart procedures.

*To develop procedures and guidelines for the safety and use of the information systems. To create support for consequent implementation of the system.

*To translate the indicated needs and problems of the users, and developments on the market, into changes of new requirements for the systems, equipment or software. To participate in innovation projects.

·Bachelor’s (HBO) Degree in Information Technology.
·Knowledge of computer equipment, networks, software and data communication facilities.
·Knowledge of information-architecture within TelNet.
·Knowledge of computerization issues within TelNet.
·Knowledge of Windows NT, UNIX, PERL and C++.
·Oral and written proficiency in English and Dutch.
·Presentation & interpersonal skills in giving information about the use of information systems.

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