Project Manager – ICT4D, Guyana

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The Project Manager will be responsible for:

(i) Short term project planning; coordinating technical implementation  operations; monitoring project performance and output; project tracking;  maintaining records and databases and conducting and/or coordinating  project evaluation and reporting;

(ii) Providing support to the Senior Project Officer, ICT4D to coordinate the  efficient implementation of projects and related activities and relevant  research undertaken by the ICT4D Sub-Programme with particular  reference to projects, activities and research under the Ninth (9th) EDF/CISP  and in pursuit of the implementation of the Caribbean Information Society;  and

(iii) Ensuring that projects, activities, research and reports done under the Ninth  EDF are compliant with EU procedures and consistent with the Contribution  Agreement, Financing Proposal and Annual Work Plans and contribute to  the underlying purpose of the support provided to the Community including;  the intensification of regional integration with particular reference to the  implementation of the Caribbean Information Society.

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