Attorney General, Anguilla

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The key duties of the post are:

1. Direct and control the operations and administration of the Attorney General’s Chambers to ensure achievement of the legislative agenda of the Government and compliance with established conventions, ordinances and regulations.

2. Participate in meetings of the Executive Council and provide advice on all policy matters.

3. Ensure that required new legislation is drafted and guide relevant legislation through the House of Assembly.

4. Ensure the development, formulation and implementation of law revisions and reforms required to achieve Governmental objectives.

5. Provide legal counsel for all Government ministries.

6. Prosecute criminal matters in the High Court.

7. Represent the Crown in civil matters.

8. Negotiate and settle major contracts on behalf of the Government.

9. Prepare draft departmental budget proposals and administer approved budgets.

10. Represent the Government at regional and international conventions,
conferences and related law.

11. Provide legal advice the Governor, Executive Council, the House of Assembly and Government ministries

12. Perform other related duties as required by the job function.

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