Permanent Secretary, Anguilla

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The key duties of the post of Permanent Secretary, Finance are to:

1. Perform the duties as defined in Section 7 of the Financial Administration and Audit Act.

2. Direct, control and monitor the application of established policies, procedures and systems to ensure compliance by all relevant sectors and interests.

3. Interpret and evaluate existing financial, accounting and economic development policies, procedures and systems and recommend initiatives or modifications to facilitate the optimisation of available resources and achievement of targeted objectives.

4. Plan, direct and control the financial and accounting operations of the Government so as to ensure the achievement of established socio-economic, cultural and political objectives and ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory, legal and institutional requirements.

5. Provide technical advice, guidance and/or direction for all levels of the Public Service and Government on the interpretation and application of financial and accounting policies, regulations and procedures.

6. Provide technical advice on fiscal and monetary policy.

7. Ensure the preparation and coordination of budget proposals for the Government, and the administration of approved budgets.

8. Prepare papers for the Executive Council on financial, accounting and economic development issues, operations and considerations.

9. Ensure that Government Agencies are in compliance with the provisions of the Financial Administration and Audit Act and with their own laws as they relate to the financial reporting and accountability.

10. Represent the Public Service and Government on various local, regional and international committees, institutions and boards.

11. Develop and monitor the utilisation of subordinate personnel so as to create and maintain effective levels of productivity.

12. Liaise with the heads and sub-heads of all ministries to facilitate the achievement of Public Service objectives.

13. Ensure the preparation of operational, informational and statistical reports as required.

14. Ensure the proper functioning of Apostilles in the Ministry of Finance and sign documents as required.

15. Perform other related duties as required by the job function.

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