Advertisements and join forces

Two of the Caribbean’s foremost internet sites have joined forces in an effort to increase their outreach and visibility among its key constituents. The moves come as many businesses throughout the region grapple with the unpredictability of the global economy.

The collaboration is also timely, as Caribbean nationals return to their respective homes ahead and for the regions festive season. Felix Augustine and Malcolm Letang who met to make the announcement of and both pledge to give Caribbean nationals the one stop shop in music and job search. For too long, persons seeking jobs and music from the region have been disenfranchised by the complexities involved in obtaining the both, the duo indicated. with a registered data base of over 22,000 job seekers was launched in 2006. The site was established to meet the needs of Caribbean recruiters and Job seekers and to eliminate poor job matching due to lack of information or other obstacles in the job search/hiring processes that inhibit employers and workers from finding each other. Founder, Malcolm Letang, says is a manifestation of his life’s long dream of making and exposing job opportunities within the region to as many people as possible. Since the introduction of the site countless number of Caribbean nationals has found employment that they otherwise would not have been exposed to. is by far one of the most popular internet sites catering for Caribbean music. Felix Augustine of numusiczone, says the merger puts two very important areas of Caribbean livelihood within close proximity of the masses. is a one stop shop for all genres of Caribbean music. The site currently boasts over 800 individual artists and over 20 000 songs in its ever growing catalogue. Numusiczone’s mission is to deliver authentic Caribbean music to the masses. However, we would like to achieve this goal in a different way by letting the musicians and artists themselves post their music online. This gives them a chance to sell their music and create a viable revenue stream without waiting for that record deal that so often never comes. This website provides the distribution channel necessary to buy and sell authentic Caribbean music

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