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The General Manager Human Resources ensures that Human Resources activities support and are responsive to the strategic objectives of the Authority. He/she will be responsible for formulating and managing the implementation of Human Resources Policies and Procedures; for the development of Human Resources strategic plans and for monitoring the performance of such plans. The incumbent provides guidelines and advice to the Executive Team and Line Managers on all matters relating to the acquisition, maintenance and separation of the Human Resources employed by the Authority in the conduct of its business. The General Manager Human Resources will contribute as a member of the Senior Management Team in the Authority’s Transformation Thrust.

Key Functions:
• Development and Management of the Human Resources Management function of Employment, Development, Compensation, Administration, Integration, Industrial Relations, Maintenance and Separation.
• Participates in the development of the Authority’s Corporate Strategies and Plan. Strategic Human Resource Planning, Human Resource Policy Formulation and Implementation and Organization and Job Design.
• Oversees the assessment of the Authority’s Human Resources needs, and develops and co-ordinates strategic Human Resources and succession plans to meet the Authority’s requirements. Also analyzes the Corporate Plan and determine its impact on Human Resource Management System and the implications for Human Resources Management.
• Conceptualizes the Human Resources Portfolio within general guidelines established by the Ministry of Health and the Board. Provides advice to the Board, Executive Team and Line Managers on all matters relating to the Human Resources Management.
• Plans, designs, implements and administers a modern Human Resources Management System inclusive of a Personnel Management System, with all related sub-systems in the Authority including but not limited to Performance Appraisal, Control Systems, Human Resources/Manpower Development Systems, Organizational Development and Management Systems, Recognition and Reward/Award System, Discipline and Grievance Management Plan and Staffing and Recruitment System.
• Develops and maintains a comprehensive Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual which will form the basis for Human Resources practices in the Authority. Establishes a system to ensure staff sensitization of Human Resources Policies and Procedures.
• Co-ordinates the Personnel Administrative Function throughout all Health Care Facilities within the Regional Health Authority. Establishes a system for monitoring the credentials of technical staff.
• Directs Organizational and Management Development Activities and advises on Organizational Design. Consults with the Authority’s Line Managers to ascertain the Human Resources Management needs and determine manpower requirements. Develops and maintains the Authority’s Classification and Compensation System.
• Negotiates labour agreements, administers labour contracts and conducts joint labour/management meetings. Administers Disciplinary Procedures.
• Directs Human Resources research and prepares position papers and reports for the guidance of the Chief Executive Officer and the Board. Acts as Secretary to the Human Resources Committee of the Board.
• Perform any other related duties as may be assigned by the Authority.

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