Crew Administrator, Cruise Ship

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Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
• Oversees the crew sign-on and sign-off process, as directed by the Human Resources Manager, reviewing immigration documentation such as passports, visas, Alien Resident Cards (ARC), Letters of Re-Employment, etc. to determine validity of documents. Refers unusual documentation to the HR Manager.
• Ensures the efficient clearance of Crewmembers signing on and off through Customs and Immigration by diplomatically encouraging a productive relationship with the relevant officials.
• Supervises the Crew Relations Specialist in the sign-on and sign-off processes, and ensures Crewmembers receive all documentation prior to sign off, including airline tickets, medicals and training records.
• Coordinates with the shore-side support group the repatriation process for shipboard employees
• Supervises the 90-Day US CBP Inspection of all Crew, with the assistance of the HR Manager, T&D Manager, Crew Relations Specialist, Crew Payroll Manager and 2nd Purser Payroll.
• Ensure accuracy of employee records
• Works on a rotational basis with the Crew Relations Specialist in the Crew Office performing a variety of related duties.
• Works with Financial Controller staff in the Crew office in a cooperative, productive and effective manner. Including but not limited to assistance with Payroll Stuffing.
• As part of the HR Division fully supports Crew Activities and events that help increase Crew morale and optimize positive Crew comments of the overall Crew Relations operation.
• Shipboard employees will be required to perform any other job-related duties assigned by their supervisor or management.

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