Manager, Operations, Haiti

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Responsibilities include:

*Review the current warehouse specifications, capacity, equipment needs, manpower needs
*Liaise with the security position on static security and the movement of supplies
*Manage central warehousing facility; investigate warehousing needs
*Establish and maintain a staffing structure in all warehouses
*Manage health and safety procedures
*Coordinate and control the warehouse side of inventory stock control systems

*Review and improve current systems for warehouse inventory control, transportation and supply chain activities
*Review and improve policies and activities related to fleet management (material transport; people transport)
*Facilitate effective working relationships between finance, programs, procurement and logistics, especially as it relates to the purchasing cycle
*Ensure compliance with the Haitian government regarding tax-free import procedures for humanitarian activities
*Manage tracking system for vehicle usage as per operational priorities (vehicles, traffic control, maintenance, etc.)
*Manage a system for inbound and outbound logistics as well as for monitoring the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods

*Manage orientation training module for all logistics related staff
*Represent HFHI at the UN logistics cluster
*Other duties as required

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