Environment Officer, Montserrat

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Responsibilities will include
• Assist with the development of individual Divisional (Forestry, Environmental Education, Climate Change, etc.) work programmes
• Working with the DE
• Assist with the preparation of technical reports
• Assist the DE plan and facilitate training programmes (workshops, seminars, technical and scientific skills) for staff, conservation volunteers, government agencies, non-governmental NGOs and the private sector
• Assist the DE with staff management and quality control.
• Serve as alternate chair on committees (policy, legislative, management, etc).
• Under the direction of the DE organise and convene stakeholder consultations on environmental matters (policies, projects, legislation, etc.)
• Assist the DE to coordinate the national environmental portfolio across the private, public and civil society sectors especially in matters related to coastal and marine, climate change and disaster management
• Service selected Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).
• Organise and conduct data collection and compliance monitoring for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).
• Conduct rapid post-disaster environmental assessments
• Under the direction of the DE, conduct surveys and long-term monitoring programmes as a basis for sound environmental management
• Liaise with agencies and NGOs involved with environment matters at the national, regional and international levels.

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