Director, Corporate Services, Trinidad

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Description of duties:
Under the direct supervision of the Executive Director the incumbent assists in the planning, organization,operation and evaluation of CARPHA’s administrative services and is responsible for, but not necessarily limited to, the following assigned duties:

1. Plan, recommend and implement systems, norms and procedures for the administration of human, financial and material resources of the Agency as well as for the control and evaluation of such processes;
2. Collaborate with the Executive Director in the planning, organization, operation and evaluation of the administrative services, as well as in the analysis of the staffing needs of the office, particularly with respect to the competencies needed to execute the program of work;
3. Participate in the implementation and development of the Agency’s technical cooperation projects and activities by planning and controlling all financial and administrative services and support required.
4. Formulate general and specific budgetary estimates for regular and extra budgetary funded projects; plan, organize and monitor the application, control and accounting of approved budgetary allocations by programs;
5. Administer, control and disburse funds within the approved budgetary allocation in accordance with established regulations and procedures and within the authority delegated;
6. Administer personnel policies and apply regulations, rules and procedures concerning recruitment, appointment, benefits and other personnel matters including issues related to immunities and privileges as they apply to international staff, as well as local labour legislation as it applies to personnel hired under local conditions of employment and contractual service arrangements; coordinate with the local Legal Consultant for issues related to local contractual arangements;

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