Operations Director, Haiti

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Leadership and Management
• Ensure that World Vision Haiti programmatic operations are aligned with the national strategy, also taking into account regional priorities, and that all staff is working to align towards the expected outcomes, outputs, outlined within the Strategy Implementation and Annual Business Plans.
• Develop new approaches to be able to respond appropriately to emerging strategic opportunities.
• Monitor KPIs of each Area Development Program, Grant, Special Project and Food-Livelihood project at an output level and ensure that work is being done to assure delivery of expected outcomes.
• Monitor KPIs of key operations staff with a focus on performance and deliverables
• Ensure open communication across all Operations units.

Programme Quality and Integration
• Support the practice of sound DME standards and LEAP compliance in projects through effective collaboration between Operations and the Programme Development and Quality Assurance department.
• Ensure effective models of integration between funding types, regional Operations and Sectoral Programmes are developed, understood and used for design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
• Ensure integration between projects is seen as a priority at all levels within the Operations departments, and that the synergy of integration is actively sought and planned for.

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