Senior Payroll Analyst, Trinidad

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Key Duties:
• Analyses, prepares and inputs payroll data. Typically uses automated system to produce accurate and timely payroll.
• Prepares weekly, monthly, quarterly and year-end reports (gross payroll, hours worked, vacation accrual, tax deductions, benefit deductions, etc.) for management.
• Performs various payroll related journal entries and account reconciliations.
• Assists in development of overall payroll procedures/workflow by recommending improvements or changes when deemed necessary for greater efficiency.
• Supervises and reviews the preparation of all payroll statements and reports.
• Accurately enters all payroll related data necessary to process and meet appointment schedules, including salary adjustments, special payments, tax allocations and employee deductions.
• Solves problems concerning payroll, answers inquiries, and enforces payroll policies.
• Keeps abreast of the payroll processing system and changes in wage and tax laws, and corresponds with state and local tax agencies on behalf of the company and its employees.
• Compiles time sheets and calculates overtime and offshore premiums.
• Maintains payroll records.
• Completes correspondence regarding payroll information for Taxes (PAYE), National Insurance (NIS), Board of Inland Revenue, etc.
• Liaises with respective Statutory Authorities for issuance of Tax Clearing Certificates, Compliance Certificates etc
• Maintenance of NMWG Savings Plan Database
• Establishes and maintains a positive working relationship with clients, agencies and coworkers to promote a high quality service image.

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