Management Information Systems Manager, Jamaica

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Provides the strategic leadership, co-ordination, integration and administration of a corporate network system and other systems needs for both the head office and field operations to meet the needs of the expanded NYS.

Effectively and timely evaluates, analyses and maintains the organization’s network and other systems needs for head office and field operations

Core orientation training and development at all training sites.

Develops, implements and maintains attractive NYS website that effectively markets and contributes to the NYS’ financial stability to meet the requirements of the new vision.

Provides specific technical expertise and assistance by developing solutions, designs and specifications to effectively and timely satisfy or fulfill end users needs.

Plans, design and conducts specialized end user training for staff and trainees.

Contributes to the overall development, productivity and strategic planning, of the National Youth Service.

Facilitates the fostering and maintenance of corporate relations in which NYS programmes and services portray an appropriate corporate culture for the repositioned NYS.

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