Environmental Affairs Manager, Puerto Rico

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Administers and manages the site’s EHS Multimedia Pollution Prevention; Control and Abatement Programs and its elements to effectively minimize unreasonable risks to life, human health and the environment. Analyzes and supervises the analysis of the implementation of new technology transfers to the site to insure in coordination with other EHS functions, that all multimedia environmental regulatory issues are considered and resolved in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Revises and approves modification requests of existing process/equipment to insure that no regulatory issue remains outstanding with the implementation of such modifications. Revises and approves, as required, master log sheets, SOPs, MCCFs, CARs from the EHS perspective to assess if all relevant and appropriate administrative and engineering controls are addressed. Conducts and supervises accident/incident investigations to determine causes and trends and to develop measures to prevent recurrence. Inspects or tours the site to detect existing or potential EHS hazards and recommends corrective or preventive measures where indicated. Assists in EHS training, inspections and self assessments and communicates findings through the generation of summary reports and procedures to increase and promote EHS awareness and compliance.

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