Graduate Teacher, Anguilla

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The key duties of this post are:
1. Peruse and ensure personal understanding of the syllabus of a particular subject area.
2. Plan and prepare course programme(s) and lessons accordingly.
3. Select the most appropriate teaching methods, approach (es) and materials to ensure effective delivery of ideas and to promote interest in and learning of the subject matter.
4. Deliver lectures/lessons to students/pupils and encourage discussions about subject matter.
5. Assess, record and report, in the agreed and approved manner, the performance, progress and levels of academic attainment, and or manipulative competencies skills of each student/pupil.
6. Determine the personal and social needs of the students/pupils and provide or arrange for the provision of corrective and/or enhancing counselling as needed.
7. Ensure that at all times, good work and/or commendable behaviours on the part of students are recognized and rewarded.
8. Recommend promotion of students

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