Manager, Pharmaceutical Procurement Services Unit, St. Lucia

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Duties and Responsibilities:
Under the direction of the Head, PPS and the OECS Head of Corporate Services, through the OECS Financial Controller, the Finance Manager shall be required to:
1. Maintain the established accounting policies and procedures at the OECS/PPS and ensure that all staff members are fully aware of such policies and that personnel adhere to those policies;
2. Implement the Secretariat’s policies and procedures governing administration, personnel, facilities and equipment;
3. Perform the duties of office manager for the PPS;
4. Maintain accounting systems relevant to the combined activities of OECS/PPS, ECCB and participating countries in the procurement of goods under the OECS/PPS contracts with suppliers;
5. Prepare OECS/PPS’ annual budgets and financial statements, and ensure accessibility of Internal and External Auditors to all records and files;
6. Prepare timely quarterly financial statements and all other necessary or requested reports and submit to the Head, PPS by the 15th of the following month for review;

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