Relationship Manager, Bermuda

HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited is seeking to recruit an experienced relationship manager and business development specialist in the Domestic arena. The incumbent will be experienced in developing and growing our capability to provide innovative financial solutions to our small and medium size local clients.

Major responsibilities
• Optimise the current and potential future value of the existing client base, grow the department’s client portfolio and network of Key Business Introducers with the view to enhancing financial growth for the bank and fostering long-term, profitable relationships, predominantly aimed at existing and new small and medium size local clients
• Continually improve the standards of customer driven behaviour, assisting in the development of a robust service and sales culture through customer contact management and the achievement of daily contact standards to achieve cross sales while operating a balanced approach to risk management
• Continually reassess the operational risk inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices, management restructuring, and the impact of new technology
• Implement the Group Compliance Policy by containing compliance risk in conjunction with the relevant Compliance Department

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