Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Trinidad

Candidates are expected to have developed solid relevant experience through years of work in academy and industry.  They should have a combination of outstanding tertiary level teaching and strong research portfolio as evidenced by a track record of distinguished original and innovative work, as well as high quality publications in peer reviewed international journals.  They should have a track record of proven success in grant applications. The candidates should have achieved outstanding success in and wide recognition of professional activities and a career that includes active engagement in industry.  Finally, the candidates should be proficient in the use of computer packages commonly used in the discipline.

The Candidate will be required to teach and supervise projects at the undergraduate and graduate levels, coordinate and guide the development of postgraduate programmes, supervise student research projects at the BSc, MSc, MPhil and PhD levels, establish and execute of research programmes and assist in the administrative and service duties of the Department and Faculty

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Assistant Professor, Caribbean

Provide high quality studio instruction to undergraduate students and serve on audition, jury and University committees. The candidate will be expected to be an effective recruiter. Other responsibilities will include the development of the Music Programme; teaching allied subjects, and, maintaining an active professional profile on a national and international level.


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Programme Manager, Graduate Proogrammes, Barbados

The Programme Manager (PM) Graduate Programmes is the primary person responsible for the management of University of the West Indies, Open Campus (OC) post graduate programmes. This job requirees communication and cooperation with various functional units of APAD as well as other units of the Open Campus that have a supporting role in the delivery of programmes. The PM will have a key role in ensuring that all programmes are delivered to a high standard, are financially viable, and that students are satisfied with the learning experience.

The PM will be expected to be familiar with the academic and strategic goals of APAD and the OC and take an active role in advancing them through service and leadership.

The PM is strongly encouraged to engage in scholarly activity, particularly in areas related to online teaching and learning.


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Early Childhood Teacher, Bahamas

The successful candidate will work with children between the ages of 2 to 6 years in a multi-age environment. They will be comfortable with numerous models for early childhood education including Montessori, Waldorf and experiential education. This is a new position which requires a pioneer who has played a lead role in the start-up phase of an organization.

Key Responsibilities
• Design a curriculum that helps young children develop social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills
• Engage and communicate frequently, affectionately, and respectfully with children during the activities and routines
• Implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum which reflects observations and goals of individual children
• Maintain a stimulating, exploratory and language-rich environment that is safe and welcoming
• Facilitate regular parent/guardian communication and relationships. Hold conference to discuss orientation, transitions and development goals


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Onboard Training Specialist, Cruise Ship

The Training Specialist is part of an onboard two trainer team that execute training designed by headquarters. She or he oversees ship training center. Conducts general training courses including but not limited to Hospitality, Company Orientation, Ship Familiarization, Management Training, and Customer Service Training. Responsible for all related record keeping.

Coordinate and assist with company recognition programs, including Vacation Hero
In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

* At least 2 years of training experience, preferably in a hospitality environment.
* Platform and stand up training experience required.
* Management level experience in providing training preferred.
* Exceptional verbal and written English communication skills.

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Lecturer in Child Dental Health (Paediatric Dentistry), Trinidad

Basic degree in Dentistry (BDS/DDS) Postgraduate qualification in the specialty (MSc/MClin Dent). Must be able to obtain license to practice in Trinidad and Tobago.

o Clinical teaching to undergraduates
o Research
o Management of complex cases in Paediatric Dentistry.

Special Expertise/Responsibilities:
Paediatric dentistry. Sedation anesthesia. Treatment of children under general anesthesia.

Personal attributes:
Ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships with medical and dental peers and work as a team.


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Graduate Teacher, Anguilla

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The key duties of this post are:
1. Peruse and ensure personal understanding of the syllabus of a particular subject area.
2. Plan and prepare course programme(s) and lessons accordingly.
3. Select the most appropriate teaching methods, approach (es) and materials to ensure effective delivery of ideas and to promote interest in and learning of the subject matter.
4. Deliver lectures/lessons to students/pupils and encourage discussions about subject matter.
5. Assess, record and report, in the agreed and approved manner, the performance, progress and levels of academic attainment, and or manipulative competencies skills of each student/pupil.
6. Determine the personal and social needs of the students/pupils and provide or arrange for the provision of corrective and/or enhancing counselling as needed.
7. Ensure that at all times, good work and/or commendable behaviours on the part of students are recognized and rewarded.
8. Recommend promotion of students

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