Programme Manager, Graduate Proogrammes, Barbados

The Programme Manager (PM) Graduate Programmes is the primary person responsible for the management of University of the West Indies, Open Campus (OC) post graduate programmes. This job requirees communication and cooperation with various functional units of APAD as well as other units of the Open Campus that have a supporting role in the delivery of programmes. The PM will have a key role in ensuring that all programmes are delivered to a high standard, are financially viable, and that students are satisfied with the learning experience.

The PM will be expected to be familiar with the academic and strategic goals of APAD and the OC and take an active role in advancing them through service and leadership.

The PM is strongly encouraged to engage in scholarly activity, particularly in areas related to online teaching and learning.


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Instructional Development Cooordinator (IDC), Barbados

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The Academic Programming Delivery Division of the Open Campus, UWI, requires an Instructional Development Cooordinator (IDC).

The Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD) Division of the UWI Open Campus is responsible for the planning, development and delivery of Open Cammpus academic programming. One of APAD’s Departments, the Programme Delivery Department (PDD), is responsible for the delivery of programmes. The focus of the PDD is to ensure that all programmes are delivered to a high standard and that they continually meet the needs of our most important client group – our students. The IDC will report to the Head of Department (PDD) and is primarily responsible for overseeing pedagogical quality, ensuring that all course coordinators and tutors are prepared to teach in the online environment and are supported in the ongoing development of their teaching practice. The IDC is also responsible for ensuring that the other members of the PDD are prepared to work in the online educational environment by providing initial and ongoing training and development.

The ideal candidate should be trained at the Masters or EdD/PhD level, preferably in areas related to online and distance education. At minimum, candidates should have at least two (2) years experience in curriculum and instructional practice in online and distance education and experience as an online facilitator. Candidates must be familiar with recent developments in online pedagogy and ICT and in the potential of these developments for online teaching and learning. Additional professional qualifications in such areas as teacher education, curriculum development and planning, distance learning delivery methodologies, and candidates who have expperience teaching at the tertiary level would have a definite advantage.

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