HSE Officer, Barbados

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Functions, Duties and Responsibilities:

a) Monitors and controls the operating and personnel expenses related to HSE Department.
b) Recommends to the President/ CEO ways to improve business and advises on Capital Expenditure in regards to HSE.
c) Reviews and verifies Purchase Requisitions (Local and Foreign) for items required by the department.
d) Maintains control on all fixed assets related to HSE Department.

a) Ensures that all Divisions, Product Lines and personnel fully adhere and comply with accepted standards of customers and clients, in the areas of HSE.
b) Actively promotes and champions all HSE related policies, procedures and initiates and ensures full compliance with HSE Management System.
c) Ensures the timely and accurate preparation of HSE reports and metrics relevant to HSE.
d) Exhibit in-depth understanding and familiarity of business dynamic and processes (Divisions, Product Lines and all Services).
e) Develops and maintains a stock of up-to date and readily accessible HSE reference material, both hard copy and disk copy where available (brochures, HSE manuals, and other printed / electronic material) and makes available to clients / customers / employees / Managers as necessary.
f) Provides Management with recommendations and guidance regarding HSE Management Systems, Policies and Procedures with specific focus on impact on operational activities.
g) Conducts monthly HSE Management Review Meetings aimed at reviewing critical HSE issues / accomplishments and ensures the close-out of all outstanding issues.
h) Accountable for the preparation and communication of all HSE-related schedules.
i) Ensures inter-company HSE Meetings are conducted and the relevant HSE metrics reviewed and communicated in accordance with agreed schedule / Matrix.
j) Accountable for the accurate tracking, monitoring, verification and reporting of all HSE-related metrics and statistics in accordance with agreed requirements and deadlines.
k) Responsible for ensuring the timely completion and contribution to tendering process in regards to HSE for all major jobs.
l) Coordinates the investigation and close-out of all HSE incidents / accidents / issues as required.
m) Performs any other related duties required by management to ensure the successful completion and/or running of operations

Health, Safety and Environment:
a) Ensures total compliance with Health, Safety & Environmental policy and existing laws and regulations.
b) Achieves ultimate goal of Zero Accidents.
c) Ensures that all operations are conducted in a safe manner
d) Participates and chairs General Safety Meetings & Risk Assessment Processes e.g. Toolbox Meetings, JSA.
e) Conducts routine safety inspections of equipment, personnel and locations.
f) Supervises equipment familiarity training for all personnel
g) Ensures Emergency Drills are conducted.
h) Participates in Safety Observation Programs
i) Evaluates new HSE systems and make recommendations to Directors / Management to facilitate implementation of agreed systems.
j) Develops and ensures full compliance to HSE Training Matrix for all relevant / applicable employees.
k) Ensure continuous performance improvement in regards to HSE Management Systems, Policies and Procedures.
l) Identifies and mitigates potential HSE threats / liabilities, in consultation with Management.

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