Marketing Manager, Trinidad

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The Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic Marketing Plan for the Company, as informed by the Company’s Strategic Action Plan. Through the marketing plan, the Marketing Manager will be responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies to meet agreed company objectives. Key responsibilities will include, overseeing all related marketing, advertising and promotional activities and staff, as well as the evaluation of customer research, market conditions, and competitor data toward adjustments to the marketing plan as needed.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
• Develop and implement 3-year Marketing Plan.
• Develop and implement Year-1 Operational Plan.
• Develop and implement activities/programmes to effectively market and promote company’s projects, the company’s image, and the entertainment industry in general.
• Plan and Coordinate Programmes, Projects, and Activities to ensure effective reach to key markets, including – but not limited to:

– Industry Members – Trinidad & Tobago and International
– Stakeholders – Trinidad & Tobago
– Related / Affiliated Organizations and Corporations in the Entertainment Community – Trinidad & Tobago
– Industry Suppliers – Trinidad & Tobago, and International
– Marketing Resources – Trinidad & Tobago and International

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