Manager, Operations, Haiti

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Responsibilities include:

*Review the current warehouse specifications, capacity, equipment needs, manpower needs
*Liaise with the security position on static security and the movement of supplies
*Manage central warehousing facility; investigate warehousing needs
*Establish and maintain a staffing structure in all warehouses
*Manage health and safety procedures
*Coordinate and control the warehouse side of inventory stock control systems

*Review and improve current systems for warehouse inventory control, transportation and supply chain activities
*Review and improve policies and activities related to fleet management (material transport; people transport)
*Facilitate effective working relationships between finance, programs, procurement and logistics, especially as it relates to the purchasing cycle
*Ensure compliance with the Haitian government regarding tax-free import procedures for humanitarian activities
*Manage tracking system for vehicle usage as per operational priorities (vehicles, traffic control, maintenance, etc.)
*Manage a system for inbound and outbound logistics as well as for monitoring the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods

*Manage orientation training module for all logistics related staff
*Represent HFHI at the UN logistics cluster
*Other duties as required

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Procurement Coordinator, Haiti

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Responsibilities include:
*Receive all requisition forms for materials and resource requests
*Assign number to each request made and ensure requestor fills out proper documentation
*Start process for obtaining quotes, including comparisons and procurement package
*Review on a weekly basis the databases for approved vendors and purchase orders
*Point person with the vendors and Habitat, maintaining the relationships
*Leading the Procurement Committee to ensure that all quotes/bids are handled according to process
*Perform the bid analysis and present findings to the Procurement Committee
*Reviews and approves final documents before submitting to Finance for payment
*Other duties as required

Required Skills:
*Bachelor’s degree in business or related field
*Fluency in English, French and Creole
*3-5 years of related experience with procurement
*Experience working in an international organization, preferably in an NGO

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Program Director, Haiti

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Responsibilities include:
• Responsible for the day-to-day management of the ECAP program
• Develop scopes of work for Resident Advisors with national and local governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations
• Liaise with representatives of these organizations and other ECAP stakeholders to maintain good and fluid communications regarding ECAP
• Coach and monitor the performance of ECAP Resident Advisors to ensure meeting program goals
• Ensure logistical and programmatic support for Resident Advisors so that they can complete their assignments
• Ensure the safety and well-being of ECAP Resident Advisors including maintaining a security protocol and emergency procedures
• Operate four guesthouses to house Resident Advisors
• Monitor budget expenditures and provide cash-flow projections to DIG headquarters
• Draft and edit programmatic reports and deliverables

• Masters degree
• Fluent in English and working knowledge of French and/or Haitian Creole
• 5+ years experience in program management
• Knowledge of the housing sector, including reconstruction and settlement/resettlement
• Experience working in a post-disaster/post-conflict environment
• Previous working experience in Haiti preferred

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Procurement Specialist, Caribbean

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Responsible for providing support to the Programme Manager, Procurement Unit, in the discharge of the procurement function in relation to the Ninth European Development Fund (9th EDF) Project activities.


Candidates should possess at least a Degree in Engineering, Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Law or in other related social sciences fields plus 5 years progressive experience (2 of which must be post-qualification) in Procurement or Project Management, ideally with an IDB, World Bank or EU funded project. Computer proficiency is essential.


Under the direction of the Programme Manager, Procurement Unit, the Procurement Specialist will be required to:

(a) INTERACT with stakeholders and provide support in the preparation of Annual Procurement Plans for the 9th EDF and other assigned projects;

(b) COORDINATE AND SUPPORT the execution of the procurement plans for the 9th EDF and other assigned projects funded by the EC, in accordance with the Secretariat’s and the EC approved procurement guidelines and procedures;

(c) PROVIDE assistance to staff in matters regarding procurement generally in the application of the relevant procurement guidelines and procedures;

(d) ENSURE timely publication of procurement notices when required;

(e) INTERACT with Technical Officers and other staff members to assist in the preparation of Terms of References and Technical Specifications;

(f) INITIATE AND COORDINATE the procurement process for any procurement method, and provide support in the development of shortlists of consultants, suppliers and contractors where necessary;

(g) COORDINATE tender opening and tender evaluation processes;

(h) DISPATCH “No Objection” requests to the EC;

(i) MONITOR and ENSURE timely responses to procurement questions and clarifications raised by donors;

(j) CONDUCT pre-tender meetings and site visits when required;

(k) ARRANGE the negotiation process for consultants, where necessary;

(l) PROVIDE support in the preparation of the final contracts, and ensure timely distribution of all relevant procurement and contract documents to all stakeholders;

(m) SUPERVISE assigned procurement staff;

(n) ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN Vendors and Consultants Database;

(o) MONITOR electronic procurement log;

(p) ENSURE proper record keeping and filing of all procurement records;

(q) PERFORM any other related duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Programme Manager.


An attractive remuneration package will be offered.


On assumption of duty in Guyana the officer shall be paid a settlement grant in respect of self, spouse and each eligible child or dependant (up to two), provided that the total number of children and other dependants does not exceed five in all.

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